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Australia Blog

Top 3 Exciting Things to do in Australia

23rd May 2017

We have teamed up with one of the leading airlines of the world, Etihad Airways, to take you on the trip of a lifetime. Etihad flies from Dublin to Abu Dhabi twice a day with onward connections to Australia and New Zealand. We have come up with holiday itineraries that will make you want to pack your bags and leave for OZ.
Australia: The Trip of a Lifetime with Etihad Airways


Australia in Summer: Top 5 Australian Festivals

Why You Should Visit the Home of Crocodile Dundee

16th Jun 2015

have you ever wanted to visit the place where Dundee grew up? You’re in luck because thanks to Abbey Travel you can go and visit Kakadu National Park, where the movie was filmed. Soon you’ll be able to look at your friends’ vacation photos and proudly proclaim: “That’s not a holiday, THIS is a holiday.”
Here’s why you should take a trip down under and see where Crocodile Dundee was raised

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Top 3 Exciting Things to do in Australia

4th June 2015

Australia is undoubtedly one of the most exciting countries you can possibly hope to visit. In a world where everything is so well documented and similar, Australia still manages to maintain a new-world feel about it.
Top 3 Exciting Things to Do in Australia


Australia in Summer: Top 5 Australian Festivals

Australia in Summer: Top 5 Australian Festivals

28th May 2015

Festivals are always great craic, but they’re typically outdoor events, which means a lot of hassle in Ireland. Whether you’re preparing for the rain or trying to combat freezing temperatures, worrying over the weather definitely detracts from the fun. When you switch your summer festival of choice to the Australian equivalent, all you’ll have to worry about is getting enough Factor 30 on to enjoy the festival out in the sun! With that in mind, we’ve rounded up five of the best festivals Australia has to offer.

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The best of Aussie Culture: 5 Top Cultural Events 

21st May 2015

Many people associate Australia with kangaroos, ‘shrimps on the barbie’ and the film Mad Max. However, these things are only a small part of Australia’s rich culture and we know that there is so much more worth exploring. You can step back in time to Australia’s aboriginal past, dance to your heart’s content at one of Australia’s biggest street parties, or catch a laser-light show.
5 top australia cultural events


The Locations of Mad Max: Fury Road

14th May 2015


Fans of the Mad Max movies have been waiting 30 years for the latest installment Mad Max: Fury Road, the first film in the franchise not to star Australian native Mel Gibson. As indicated by the release of some of the movie’s explosive teaser trailers this year, the reshoots are done and the filming has finally wrapped up in Australia

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Top 5 Fun Things to Do in Australia in 2015

7th May 2015

We’ve already brought you through the many reasons to visit Australia, and believe us, there are many! But more than just sun, sea and the typical tourist sights, Australia has plenty more going on. 

Whether you want to take in some local music, art or sport, there are specific events that are definitely worth attending across the country that will add just a little something different from the norm to your adventure down under.



Australian Package Holiday


Meet the real neighbours of Ramsay Street

01st May 2015

Everyone might need good neighbours but few people have ones as famous as those who live on Ramsay Street. And with Neighbours airing near dinnertime in Ireland for the past 30 years, you probably know Ramsay Street’s residents better than your own neighbours. 

Read more to discover the essential things you need to know before you head to TV land and meet some of those good neighbours.

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Melbourne: Home of the Australia Grand Prix

23rd April 2015

Is Melbourne top of your list of holiday destinations? It definitely should be one you’re considering! Not only is it the second largest city in Australia, it’s also host to the Australian Grand Prix

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Australian Package Holiday


The Aussie Facts Guide: Canberra and the history of Anzac Day

13th April 2015

There’s plenty of talk around Ireland this year as we gear up for the 1916 centenary celebrations. But 1916 wasn’t just a memorable year for Ireland. Australia marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War on April 25th each year. It’s known as Anzac Day. We’ve rounded up some quick facts for you on Australia’s most significant national occasion so you can get the most from your visit down under.

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Top 10 ultimate places to see Australian wildlife and marine life

12th November 2014

The River Boys in Home and Away with their torn-off sleeves and bad attitudes aren’t the only ‘wildlife’ in Australia! It’s not all Skippy and Crocodile Dundee either as according to Australian Geographic, unique species make up more than 80% of Australia’s 378 mammals, 773 of their 869 reptiles and more than half of their 800 birds! 

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Australian Package Holiday


5 Reasons you should visit Australia

14th October 2014


Aussie Rules. It’s not just a weird way to play Gaelic Football; it’s an actual fact when it comes to great places to live!

In the league of best cities in the world to live in, Australia rules the roost. In fact, four of the top ten world’s best cities to put down roots in are in Australia, with Melbourne at No. 1.

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3 Best Australian Road trips

12th August 2014

For any Irish person visiting Australia, there are two rites of passage - your first encounter with a huntsman spider and the great Australian road trip. Of these two classic Australian experiences, we definitely prefer the road trip. As Australia is absolutely huge, unless you have 12 months to spare, it’s best to choose one route to concentrate on. Read on to discover three great Australian road trips that will give you memories to last a lifetime... 

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22nd May 2014

After Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane is the third most popular destination for tourists to Australia. Reasons for this include awesome weather and some of the most beautiful scenery on earth.

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Top 10 things to do in Melbourne

1st May 2014

Things to do in Melbourne, Travel TipsThere are so many things to do in Melbourne that it is hard to know how to fit them all in. If you are there for a few days visiting friends and want to get out and experience the city fully, it can be hard to decide what the best bits are.

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Melbourne: 3 Unmissable Sporting Events 2014-15

15th April 2014

Anyone who has lived in Australia for any length of time will tell you that the Aussies are probably the most competitive people on the planet in terms of sports.

In Melbourne especially, that competitive spirit really comes to the fore—the city even has its own Sports and Entertainment Precinct!  Melbourne is the premier sporting city of Australia and more major sporting events take place here than anywhere else in Aus. So whether you are a major sports fan or an amateur enthusiast, Melbourne has something for you.

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6 Unmissable Highlights of Fraser Island

26th March 2014

Any trip to Australia is incomplete without a visit to World heritage listed, Fraser Island. With adventure, nature and beauty, Fraser Island on Australia's Goldcoast has it all. The world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island gets hundreds of thousands of visitors per year, making it one of the most popular Australian Islands. 

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A Million Reasons You Probably SHOULD Visit Oz

11th March 2014

OK, so maybe we exaggerated a little, but there are LOTS of reasons you should visit Oz.
Let’s begin with our latest radio ad – have you heard it yet? 

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6 Highlights of the Northern Territory: Darwin to the Red Centre

5th March 2014

The Aussies call it “The Top End” but we know it as The Northern territory. Known as the “real Australia”, it is the epicentre of Australian culture and history. A visit to the Northern territory is an essential part of any Aussie adventure, so we’ve compiled a handy guide for you to get the most out of your journey along Stuart Highway into the Red Centre. 

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5 things you need to know about Perth

5th February 2014

Back in December we got great news about travelling to Oz. Etihad Airways is launching a direct route from Dublin to Perth beginning in July 2014. The route will run 6 times per week and will include a “seamless” connection in Abu Dhabi. 

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There’s nowhere like Oz on Australia Day!

24th January 2014

It’s always good to be prepared! We’ve got the low-down on Aussie Day 2014 here so you’ll know all about it before you get to Oz. It’s our favourite time of year to be in Australia, and for any of you who are already there, we envy you.
So if you’re thinking about moving there to live, to visit loved ones or just to go on a short holiday to check the place out (sure it seems to be the fashionable thing to do!), you will need to be clued up about the Aussies’ favourite day of the year. 

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3 great reasons to do the Great Ocean Road

7th January 2014

The Great Ocean Road covers a lot of bases, sometimes simultaneously! It’s relaxing, but you cover a lot of ground. It’s historical, but modern and vibrant; it’s scenic, but not sleepy; and that open road freeing but user-friendly. 
Here are three great reasons to do the Great Ocean Road...

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The Red Centre: Australia’s Heart

10th December 2013

Going on an Aussie adventure usually means one of two things; Melbourne, Sydney and The Great Ocean Road or the ever-popular and most beautiful East Coast of Australia which is peppered with glorious islands and a myriad of adrenaline-pumping activities.
The sad thing is, is that there is so much more to Australia than just the East Coast adventure or a journey further south. You could be forgiven for not ever hearing of the Red Centre. So let us tell you all about it…

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Island-Hopping in Australia: Fraser, Hamilton, Hayman…and More!

22nd November 2013

One of the magnificent wonders of Australia has got to be its islands. Home to over 8,000 of them, these islands have created amazing holiday experiences for millions of backpackers over the decades. I am sure that if those islands had mouths, they would tell many tales! 
Here is a lowdown of some of most popular islands along the East Coast…islands that are sure to give you the best holiday experience you could wish for.

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5 great things about Western Australia 

6th November 2013

Special, spectacular, and secluded would just about sum up Western Australia. 
Many customers have relatives or holiday visa-ing offspring living in Perth, and want to know if there are enough things in WA to fill a full holiday. In fact, there’s enough for a lifetime of blue skies, deserted beaches and adventure. 
After all, you can’t spell ‘awe’ without W.A. Here are five great things about Western Australia. 

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8 reasons why there’s nowhere like Australia’s East Coast

1st October 2013

There’s a particular pang of jealousy reserved for the customers who begin with “flight to Sydney please, and flight out of Cairns. Six weeks or so. Oh and I’ll need car hire”. 
Australia’s East Coast punches above its weight when it comes to incredible scenery oozing adventure and ease of getting around. There’s nowhere like it, and here are 8 reasons why:

Australia: The A to OZ of backpacking tips

10th September 2013

Now that summer is finished on the northern hemisphere, more and more people are packing their bags for 12 months off to far-flung adventures down under. If you can’t beat them (and we can’t find any other way to beat 30 degrees in January) then you can join them.  

Here’s the A to OZ of an Australian working holiday.

Christmas in Australia: Reuniting Loved Ones Down Under

21st August 2013

Christmas – a time for celebration, catching up, family, and laughter…
But what if some of your nearest and dearest are elsewhere this Christmas? 
Unfortunately not every family is going to be complete this Christmas. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Why not turn this situation into an adventure, and something that will be remembered for years to come? 

Australian Stopovers - Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Bangkok

16th July 2013

You all know by now that here at Abbey Travel we ADORE all things Aussie! 
Have you all read our blog post on great things to do in Sydney? If not, you can read it here.
Whenever we are considering booking a trip to Australia, we put just about as much thought and planning into our stopovers as we do our end destination. 

Things to do in Sydney, Australia

6th June 2013

Sydney. What a place! It is difficult to find a place on earth that offers such a happy medium between the hustle and bustle of city life and the rest and relaxation of one of the most famous beaches in the world. 

Aaaah yes, Sydney has it all! Allow us to help you make the most of your trip with our top five places to visit on your trip Down Under!