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Things to do in Santorini

Things to do in Santorini

19th July 2019

Santorini is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to! The scenery, the food, the wine, there is so much to love about this Greek Island. I recently spent 8 nights in the main town, Fira. I would recommend this area as there are plenty of bars, restaurants and shops dotted around...  

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6 Things to do in Malta this Summer

6 Things to do in Malta this Summer 

18th June 2019

Malta’s warm weather, fascinating history and vibrant culture keep tourists coming year after year. With 2 flights a week departing from Cork and regular flights from Dublin, it’s never been easier to visit this stunning archipelago....

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Joanna's Kenya Safari Holiday

Joanna’s Kenya Safari Holiday 

26th April 2019

Incredible wildlife, fascinating cultures and sunsets that I will never forget, I will cherish my Kenya safari holiday for life. I visited Mombosa, Nairobi and Tsavo National Park during my visit. If you’ve never been on a safari holiday, add it to your bucket list today .....

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Kathryn's Nepal Adventure Holiday

Kathryn’s Nepal Adventure Holiday

21st February 2019

I’ve always wanted to overcome my fear of heights and improve my fitness, my trip to Nepal certainly helped me to achieve both goals. I was lucky enough to visit this country thanks to Exodus, Jetair and Abbey Travel. It was truly an amazing experience and a personal journey.....

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Things to do in the Canary Islands

Things to do in the Canary Islands

14th February 2019

Dramatic coastlines, year-round sunshine and palm fringed golden beaches, it's safe to say there was a lot to enjoy about my Canary Islands holiday. I spent two nights in both Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura courtesy of the Spanish Tourism Office.....

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Things to do in Lapland

Things to do in Lapland

7th February 2019

My Lapland holiday started with jolly elves, Santa hats and goodies bags, and that was before we even boarded the plane! I recommend flying with Aerlingus, they really helped to kick off the magic that is a Lapland holiday.....

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Things to do in Sri Lanka

Things to do in Sri Lanka 

20th December 2018

Ancient temples, abundant wildlife and rolling plantations, Sri Lanka is dripping in culture and natural beauty. I’m just back from an amazing 8-day trip with G Adventures and Turkish Airlines, and I’m already eager to go back......

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5 Affordable Sun Holidays You Can't Say No To 

30th January 2017

Looking for a cheap sun holiday? Well, look no further, we’ve rounded up some of our top picks for cheap sun holidays in 2017.
Pack your bags, and lets go!  

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5 Reasons an Over 50s Holiday This Spring Is A Good Idea

26th October 2016

Just because you may not be a spring chicken any more doesn’t mean that you should stop enjoying yourself. However, we understand that you won’t want to be surrounded by screaming kids and bopping teenagers. It is for this reason that travelling off season is a great option.

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5 Things that make the Canary Islands the best place for winter sun

17th October 2016
As the days are getting shorter and the temperatures start to drop we’re already missing a little bit of heat. But just because our Irish summer is over, that doesn’t mean you can’t sneak off for a week of winter sun.
There are loads of winter sun deals available. Some of them are so good that a week in the sun could be even cheaper than staying at home!

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Canary Islands winter holidays


Getting Festive with Europe’s Christmas Markets 

27th Sep 2016


Going overseas in the run up to Christmas adds that extra bit of sparkle to the festive season, and it is something more and more Irish people are doing. Christmas markets are one European attraction which is getting more popular as the years go by. European Christmas markets are a great place to visit to buy gifts with a difference. They are also a superb place to go to soak up the Christmas atmosphere, enjoy a glass of mulled wine, or savour a Christmas pastry. 

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Christmas Markets 2015


Top 6 Family Hotels in Orlando

Top 6 Family Hotels in Orlando for 2016

23rd February 2016

Orlando, Florida is one of the top summer destinations for Irish families. Orlando has it all from the sunny weather to entertainment for both parents and children with the city’s famous theme parks. Our Top 6 Hotels in Orlando that will guarantee you a stress-free and fun-filled stay. 

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Experience Mexico like a Pro:Cancun, Riviera Maya and Playas del Carmen

29th September 2015

Mexico…is one of the world’s treasures which has provided tonnes of unforgettable travel experiences for so many people – from backpackers to holidaymakers to newlyweds alike. Despite this, Mexico is not a destination that is top-of-mind for too many people when they are planning their holidays. 

There seems to be a common myth that it is difficult to get into Mexico. Let us set that straight – Irish passport holders do NOT require a visa or any kind of vaccinations.

So you decide to visit Mexico. But the question is what is there to see? Let’s give you the lowdown!

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Romantic Mexico

7 romantic things to do in Mexico

18th Aug 2015

You’re about to get hitched (congratulations!) and you’re planning a well-deserved honeymoon. You want somewhere hot to unwind from the wedding frenzy. But you’d really like to go somewhere different to your seven pals who got married in the last year.

Whether you’re celebrating your honeymoon or just showing that special someone you care, nothing says romance quite like the sun and sand of Mexico.

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5 things every couple needs to do in Cuba

5 things every couple needs to do in Cuba

14th April 2015
The Caribbean has always been renowned as the perfect destination for a romantic couple's holiday, and with good reason. Where could be more romantic than the island on which they chose to set Dirty Dancing 2, right?! Yes, we’re talking about Cuba.


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Why the  Algarve is the perfect Family Holiday in 2015 

31st March 2015

You’ve made it through March, just about, but it’s beginning to feel like you’ll never have a day off again. The kids have already had one mid-term break in February and another is already upon us for Easter. But let’s face it, when they’re off it just means more work for you. We reckon it’s time to start planning a holiday to the Algarve!

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Holidays to Kos 2015


Family Holidays Orlando

4 reasons we want to take a family holiday to Orlando in 2015!

20th January 2015
Orlando, Florida is one of our all-time favourite family destinations. There is just so much to do and see for family members of all ages that you are guaranteed a boredom-free holiday.
From entertaining the kids with some of the best theme parks in the world to enthralling the adults with space travel and great shopping, Orlando has it all. 


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Kos: The top 7 things to do in 2015 

4th November 2014
Move over Crete, there’s a hot new holiday destination in town for 2015! The Greek Isles have been a popular spot among Irish tourists for many years, but the island of Kos is only recently rearing its head as one of the hottest spots to visit. Steeped in centuries of ancient history and tradition, Kos is famed for its fascinating heritage, but its shimmering azure seas and golden sandy beaches are also worth noting!

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Holidays to Kos 2015


Golden California Road Trip

5 things Thelma & Louise would love about this roadtrip

2nd Sep 2014
A road trip is a great way to see the States in classic Thelma and Louise style (but possibly without Brad Pitt and (spoiler alert) the unhappy ending!). And although there might be a few other minor details that make your life a little different from that of Thelma and Louise, there’s nothing stopping you from going on your own American road trip. 

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5 reasons the Catalan Coast is perfect for an over 50s break

19th August 2014
Most of us don’t need an excuse to plan a holiday. But if we did here it is – the best value holiday you’ll ever have: the off-peak break! 
An off-peak holiday is not only a great treat before winter kicks in; there are also lots of practical benefits. All you need to do is to pick a destination. 
We have plenty of places hand-picked as perfect for an over 50s holiday, but one of our favourites has to be Spain’s Catalan Coast. 

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Holidays for Over 50s


Holidays to Greece

Battle of the Greek Islands: Which should you choose for your holiday?

26th June 2014
As any fan of the film Mama Mia knows, the Greek Islands will take your breath away and maybe even make you burst into song! Even if Ireland’s own Pierce Brosnan, one of the movie’s stars, doesn’t show his face, the Greek Islands’ azure seas, whitewashed buildings, and golden sands alone are enough to make you want to visit. 
The only problem is deciding which Greek Island to go to... 

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29th May 2014
If you’re looking for somewhere that’s welcoming, fun and family-friendly, look no further than Majorca. We can recommend Majorca as the ideal family destination because we have been there, specifically when our kids were at that “stage”.  We know what it’s like when they’re too old to join the kids club and too young to be left on their own. That’s why we recommend these great family activities you can all do together. 

And yes, both you and the kids will have a ball!  

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Family Holidays to Majorca



Fuerteventura: The Watersports capital of the Canaries

14th May 2014
With 7 miles of continuous white sand beach, turquoise seas and strong currents; Fuerteventura is the perfect water sports destination in Europe. The water is warm and clear and the winds are strong, creating the ideal climate for all types of water sports.
If you love the water and have an adventurous streak, this is the destination for you!

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5 unmissable family activities in Salou

8th May 2014

Here at the Abbey office, we think a trip to Salou makes for the perfect family holiday. Salou is clean, quiet and safe with lots of fun things to do for adults and kids alike. Very budget-friendly, there is something for everyone.

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Family Holidays to Salou



4 interesting things you never knew about Lanzarote

16th April 2014

Lanzarote is so much more than sun, sea and sand. While it does make for a fabulous sun holiday, there are so many more things to experience on Lanzarote. The island of “pure and spontaneous beauty” is at times breathtakingly beautiful and at times simple, earthy and uncorrupted.

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5 reasons to go to the Dominican Republic

27th March 2014

This is hands down our favourite Caribbean destination for 2014. The place that Christopher Columbus first landed in 1492 makes the most of its natural beauty and history. Yet there are parts of the Dominican Republic that remain virtually unspoiled by tourism and if you leave one of the luxurious resorts to explore the island, you might be blown away by the little corners of paradise that you find on the island.


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Dominican Republic


Italian Inspiration: Sorrento, Lake Garda and Tuscany

18th March 2014

Holidays to Italy - Sorrento, Lake Garda, TuscanyNearly every mention of the word “Italy” is accompanied by a wistful sigh. To sing the praises of its natural beauty, food, culture and history is almost cliché. 
Sorrento, Lake Garda and Tuscany are three of Italy’s most deservedly popular locations. All of them are locales that have been seducing travellers for centuries. But each of them has their own allure, their own quirks and their own reasons for a visit.


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2014: The year to book your trip to the U.S.

12th March 2014

Is travelling to the U.S. one of your dreams for 2014? Have you saved loads because of all the New Year resolutions and Lenten vows? Well, even if you haven’t managed to save all that much, we can still make your dreams a reality with our low-cost booking deposit of €100 for the U.S.!

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Sharm el Sheikh Holidays

7 things we love about Sharm el-Sheikh

27th February 2014

Holidays to Sharm el SheikhSharm el-Sheikh is fast becoming the premier holiday destination for European travellers. Known as the “City of Peace”, Sharm is probably Egypt’s best-kept secret when it comes to holiday resorts. Located on the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula, looking out over the Red Sea, it is as luxurious as it is beautiful and will keep even the most demanding of visitor entertained. 

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5 Top Holiday Destinations for 2014

13th February 2014

How did January go for you? We are so glad it’s over that we are going to reward ourselves with taking a sun holiday. If 2014 is the year you plan to enjoy yourself, take it from us, you deserve a sun holiday. 
These are Abbey’s favourite 2014 holiday destinations:


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Most romantic city: Paris or New York?

12th February 2014

It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day (as all you lovebirds know) so we did a quick survey around the office to find out what our staff thought was the most romantic city in the world.  
So where would our crew (who have been everywhere) like to visit for Valentine’s Day?
Although Venice, Rome, London and Amsterdam (?!) were all mentioned, two cities came out on top: Paris and New York. Here, two Abbey Travel-ers will defend their reasons for picking their chosen cities. Who wins? Which city is more romantic? You decide…

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5 Things to Enjoy in Ibiza (that aren’t partying)

21st January 2014

Ibiza has a big – and deserved – reputation as a party destination. But – while it’s great for clubbing – you can visit the sunny, scenic island south of Spain without meeting one club rep, belting back one Stella or sitting on one banana boat. Information gauged from Ibiza Uncovered is incomplete to say the least, and judging Ibiza based on a 1990s reality TV show is like judging Ireland by Glenroe.
Here’s an incomplete list of Ibiza’s attractions miles away from the nearest foam party...

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Ibiza Holidays


A Resolution You Can Keep: Us-Time and All-Inclusive Holidays

15th January 2014

It’s January, and you have made your resolutions. Up there near the top of your list is that you are going to spend some more “us-time” with your other half during 2014.  A great way of making sure that you stick to this resolution is by making a plan and sticking to it. So why not book a holiday so you can indulge is some precious “us-time”? That way, there are no excuses!

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Iceland city breaks

Icelandic Experience: 3 Excursions You Cannot Miss

17th December 2013

Iceland. Ah yes; the land of ice and fire. Situated on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and despite its chilly name, Iceland is HOT when it comes to a great choice of holiday destination. As a hot spot for volcanic activity, Iceland presents an adventure with a difference. Home to some of Europe's biggest glaciers, active volcanoes, geothermal hot springs, cave explorations, and skiing, a trip to Iceland is not one you will ever forget! 

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Luxury, Orangutans and Funky-Looking Birds: My Trip to Beautiful Borneo

20th November 2013

A couple of weeks ago, Karen (one of our trusty Asia/Australia experts) was lucky enough to be invited on a trip to Borneo. For those of you who do not know anything about Borneo, it is the third-largest non-continental island in the world (after Greenland and New Guinea). Located in Southeast Asia, Borneo is divided among three countries; Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Here is Karen’s lowdown on her trip to Beautiful Borneo…

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Winter Holidays to Tenerife: Why We Love ‘Em

24th October 2013

As we have said in a previous blog post, Tenerife is one of our favourite destinations for sun holidays. 
Tenerife is one of the seven Canary Islands, and we cannot think of a better place to go for winter sun than off the west coast of Africa. Tenerife is the place for luxury and ultimate relaxation. It is the ideal winter holiday location for both couples and friends.

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Rhodes Island Greece

All Rhodes lead to Roses: New direct flights from Dublin to Island of Roses

23rd October 2013

We got great news about Rhodes this week, known as the ‘Island of the Roses’ for its natural fauna. 

The attraction of Rhodes’ jaw-dropping beauty and aeons of history has been somewhat dulled by how tricky it is to get to the Greek island. However, the announcement that direct flights from Dublin to Rhodes are back for summer 2014 will change all that.

We’re delighted – and we’ll tell you why.

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Weather, wine and wildlife – why you’ll love South Africa 

14th October 2013

For surf, sand and sunshine, South Africa ticks all the boxes. The wildlife and wine tours on offer make for incredible sights and tastes – and the weak rand means your euro will go even further. 
Here are 10 reasons we love it. 

Orlando 2014: what’s on offer

18th September 2013

Irish families have always had a soft spot for Florida. Orlando just never fell out of fashion. In fact, we’re getting calls from young couples wanting to return to the Disney World they explored with their parents in the early 90s, now with a family of their own. 
The classic mega-theme parks still reign supreme, but there are other brilliant value and entertaining attractions on offer too. And we haven’t even mentioned shopping.  

Take a break in the world’s favourite cities 

5th September 2013

The debate on the title-holder of the Greatest City in the World has suddenly been settled. A survey of 18,000 people by market-researchers Ipsos has led to a clear winner: New York is the world’s favourite city.
And the world’s favourite city to visit? Paris tops the survey’s polls.

Getting Festive with Europe’s Christmas Markets

29th August 2013

Going overseas in the run up to Christmas adds that extra bit of sparkle to the festive season, and it is something more and more Irish people are doing. Christmas markets are one European attraction which is getting more popular as the years go by. European Christmas markets are a great place to visit to buy gifts with a difference. They are also a superb place to go to soak up the Christmas atmosphere, enjoy a glass of mulled wine, or savour a Christmas pastry. 

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Las Vegas: My Experience

20th August 2013

Lisa in our Swords office has just come back from her holidays in Las Vegas (well for some, right?). Her souvenir to us was in the form of a blog post…

Here is what Lisa had to say about her holiday in Las Vegas…


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Over 50s Holidays: Where will you go?

15th August 2013

Here at Abbey Travel, we are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Over 50s Holiday brochure. This year our brochure is bigger and better than ever before, and has something to suit everyone!

The beauty of our Over 50s Holiday offerings is that many of the holidays featured offer great extra value such as full or half board with wine or water included.

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Visit Canada: Vancouver and Toronto 

12th August 2013

The last few years have seen lots of people leaving our beautiful country in search of work and new lives in Canada. It is an unfortunate trend to have to face up to. However, we have to see the positives associated with this shift: the option to visit our much loved and missed friends and family in a stunning country. Allow us to help you see how booking your flights to Canada should be something to be excited about!

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Penang - 5 things to do

8th August 2013

Penang is a culturally diverse island just off the northwest coast of Malaysia. The island is steeped in multicultural history with influence from Chinese, European, Indian and of course Malay sources.
We’ve compiled a checklist of our top spots you can’t afford to miss. Make sure to bring a camera!

Istanbul: 4 Things You Have to Experience 

25th July 2013

Istanbul is Turkey’s biggest city. Nicknamed the City on Seven Hills, Istanbul is a unique city, being built on two continents. 
Istanbul is the perfect destination for a romantic holiday with your other half, or indeed a city break with your best friends.

Family Holiday Deals the Algarve

23rd July 2013

Family holidays…you can’t beat ‘em. What to pack…checking if passports are up-to-date…fighting over who is sitting at the window seat on the aeroplane…all part of the family holiday experience.
I guess the most important question of all, however, is where to go on your annual family holiday! 

MSC Lirica – Enjoy Dubai This Winter

18th July 2013

Fancy something different this winter? Something warm? Sunny? Relaxing? How does a fly-cruise package holiday on the MSC Lirica in Dubai sound?

5 Things I Loved About my Holiday in Argentina

9th July 2013

Monica Rossi, one of our Australia & Worldwide experts, tells us about a recent holiday in Argentina…Buenos Aires to be exact!  Find out more about the Market at San Telmo, shopping in Buenos, Dining & entertainment - the Argentinian way plus much more


Happy 4th of July – Celebrate with a Californian Roadtrip!

4th July 2013

The 4th of July, or Independence Day in the good old US of A, commemorates the United States’ becoming independent from Britain in 1776.


A firm favourite among our customers is our FlyDrive packages to California. To celebrate the American holiday, we are proud to present our special offer FlyDrive package to California.

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The Best of Tossa de Mar…Over 50s Holidays to Spain

1st July 2013

Here at Abbey Travel, we cater for a huge range of audiences. Whether you are a spring chicken in search of a last minute deal with the girls to Gran Canaria, an adrenaline pumping adventure holiday trekking the Inca Trail, or of course a…ahem…more mature spring chicken searching for a break to the sun – we have it all! 

3 Tips for Cruising on the MSC Poesia

20th June 2013

Thinking of taking a holiday but not 100% about where you want to go? Are you looking for something different? Something relaxing, with a little bit of luxury? Do you want to spoil yourself?

Go on! You deserve it!

A cruise holiday on the MSC Poesia sounds exactly what you are looking for!

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Travel Deals: Last Minute Holidays with Abbey Travel

12 June 2013

Here at Abbey Travel, we are no different to the rest of you. We love a good last minute holiday deal. In fact, our favourite last minute holiday destination was the topic of discussion over lunch earlier this week. This inspired me to write a post about our favourite destinations here at Abbey Travel. We did a bit of a ‘raise your hand’ ask-around, and this is what we came up with...

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Travel Deals: 5 Great Things to do in Orlando

29th May 2013

Orlando is a magical place with something for everyone – whether you are visiting with a young family or a group of friends, Orlando is THE place to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. We have been to Orlando many times over our 35 years of existence, and therefore we are bursting to brim full of tips and suggestions of places for you to visit. 

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City Break Travel Deals: Visit Prague

22nd May 2013

Prague is one of Europe’s most beautiful and cultural cities. As the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is one destination which should be on everyone’s bucket list. There are loads of things to do in Prague, but we have decided to tell you about three really great things to do during your trip.


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