I have worked in the travel business for a long time now. I have travelled through Asia backpacking, staying in beach huts and now like a little bit of luxury!! I have also had a few funny & hairy experiences but all make a good story. There are some amazing hotels in Asia that are really good value too.

My favorite places are anywhere in Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Sydney, Melbourne, Whitsunday’s and for amazing scenery you can't beat Queenstown in New Zealand.

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I've been in the travel industry for 17 years and have been with Abbey Travel for nearly 8 years in the Longhaul section mainly dealing with Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Adventure Travel. On my visit to Australia I really enjoyed Cairns and Melbourne. I have also travelled to Malaysia, Kenya, Tanzania and Nepal. I would say my favourite place was probably Nepal.

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I have been with Abbey Travel for 19 years - not long at all !!! During this time I have been specialising in holidays to Australia, New Zealand and long haul destinations ...

I have travelled all through Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. As I have been working in the longhaul department I have been lucky enough to have travelled to many wonderful destinations taking in some amazing sights. Paje Beach, Zanzibar in Tanzania being one of the best beaches in the world, I can honestly say it is "a little bit of heaven on earth". Deserted white sand beaches and aqua blue water ...

Another one of my favourites is Thailand, it really is a place any age can go, I have been there as an "Island hopper " seeking fun and excitement, and I have also gone recently with my hubby and 1 year old son. Both times I have loved it. It is full of great people and fantastic food, you always leave Thailand wanting to go back again.

Throughout my year long working holiday visa in Australia, I lived in Sydney for 10 months and travelled extensively throughout Australia for 3 months. Without trying to be too biased, Sydney is without doubt one of the most fabulous cities in Australia. Sydney has so many icons from the Opera House to Harbour Bridge surrounded by water. It truely is a picture postcard all the time... where else in the world can you can sit in front of the Opera House by the water and have the city skycrapers as its back drop?It's simply stunning !!!

I think you can take it that I have the travel bug and it makes my job a lot easier when I can advise and give information to my clients first hand on places a little further away from home that they wish to travel to. I believe informing clients honestly and finding the most cost effective ways to travel is the most important part of our jobs, I can safely say everyone here at Abbey Travel is doing just that!!!

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