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37 years and counting is how long Abbey Travel has been in business and along the way we've picked up some great travel tips and ideas. We hope you enjoy browsing through our travel blogs which include some of these tips and suggestions plus our travel experts share their travel experiences.

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Shaun's Trip to London 11/30/2023
By Shaun McGroarty

Shaun's Trip to London

If you’re looking for a quick and easy getaway from Dublin to London, I'd recommend flying into Gatwick Airport, which is one of the main hubs for low-cost airlines in Europe!

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Shaun's Trip to Ischia 11/24/2023
By Shaun McGroarty

Shaun's Trip to Ischia

I visited Ischia, a beautiful island in the Bay of Naples, Italy, that offers stunning scenery, thermal spas, historic attractions, and delicious cuisine. It is a perfect destination for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday.

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Colman's Trip to Madrid 11/22/2023
By Colman Burke

Colman's Trip to Madrid

Madrid, with its blend of history, art, gastronomy, and warm hospitality, was a perfect blend for our family getaway, even with young kids!

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Val's Trip to Moldova 11/21/2023
By Viorel Ignat

Val's Trip to Moldova

I recently went home to visit my family in Moldova. From its beautiful countryside & rich traditions to the diverse experiences on offer, Moldova has plenty to offer to visitors!

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Irene's Trip to Egypt 11/10/2023
By Irene Onorati

Irene's Trip to Egypt

We had a Fam Trip in October to Egypt with Egypt Air and our destinations were Cairo and Sharm-el-Sheikh. We spent 2 nights in Sharm and 3 nights to Cairo.

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Bernie's Trip to Dubai 11/10/2023
By Bernie Roche

Bernie's Trip to Dubai

I recently got to attend the Arabian Travel Market hosted by Dubai Depart of Economy and Tourism​ on a 4 day packed trip!

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Solange's Trip to Egypt 11/10/2023
By Solange Vonsowski

Solange's Trip to Egypt

I recently got the opportunity to go on a Fam Trip to Egypt, where I spent 5 days exploring this incredible country. It was a truly unique experience that I certainly won't forget!

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Must-See Sydney: Some of Our Top Recommendations 6/1/2023
By Laura Murphy

Must-See Sydney: Some of Our Top Recommendations

From breathtaking natural landscapes to fun-filled adventure activities, Sydney has it all! Read more to find out why we love this Australian hotspot so much.

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Greyce's trip to Rio 5/15/2023
By Greyce Inacio

Greyce's Trip to Rio

I had a wonderful holiday in Rio de Janeiro staying in the neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca on the West Zone of the city.

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Jennifer's Cruise to Santorini, Kotor & Sicily 11/17/2022
By Jennifer Dineen

Jennifer's Cruise to Santorini, Kotor & Sicily

I visited Santorini, Kotor and Sicily all in one holiday on a fantastic holiday on board the Regal Princess cruise ship.

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