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37 years and counting is how long Abbey Travel has been in business and along the way we've picked up some great travel tips and ideas. We hope you enjoy browsing through our travel blogs which include some of these tips and suggestions plus our travel experts share their travel experiences.

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Orla's Trip to the Mediterranean 5/16/2024
By Orla Tooher

Orla's Trip to the Mediterranean

I had the opportunity visit the Mediterranean on board the Oasis of the Seas with Royal Caribbean as part of a Familiarisation Trip with the company. It was an incredible experience!

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Elaine's Cruise from Rome 12/13/2023
By Elaine McManus

Elaine's Cruise from Rome

I went on a cruise in the Mediterranean with my family for one week!

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Tom's Trip to Venice 12/13/2023
By Tom Burke

Tom's Trip to Venice

Venice is known for its unique and intricate network of canals, historic architecture, and cultural heritage.

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Suzanne's Trip to La Rochelle 12/12/2023
By Suzanne Dalton

Suzanne's Trip to La Rochelle

Overall I would recommend Ile de Re and will definitely return. We camped, which would be a great, unique experience for a Family Holiday with older children or teenagers.

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​Miriam’s Family Trip to Disneyland Paris 12/12/2023
By Miriam Kelliher

​Miriam’s Family Trip to Disneyland Paris

We took our daughters (5 & 8) to Disneyland Paris and became somewhat childish ourselves when we arrived! We stayed in Villages Nature Paris for 3 nights with Disneyland Paris on 2 whole days.

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Olive's Trip to Toronto 12/12/2023
By Olive Taafe

Olive's Trip to Toronto

The purpose of my trip to Toronto was to experience winter in the city and to visit the iconic Niagara Falls.

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Marc's Trip to London 12/12/2023
By Marc Lynch

Marc's Trip to London

London is a terrifically vibrant city, and it's so easy to get to from Dublin as it’s only an hour’s flight away.​ I'd recommend visiting to anyone looking for a City Break that's close to home.

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Carl's Trip to Bordeaux 12/12/2023
By Carl Lonergan

Carl's Trip to Bordeaux

I embarked on an exciting adventure to Bordeaux with my family, eager to make lasting memories and enjoy a fun-filled getaway.

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Nivin's Trip to Paris, Disneyland and Amsterdam 12/12/2023
By Nivin James

Nivin's Trip to Paris, Disneyland and Amsterdam

We went on a summer holiday to France and the Netherlands where we visited Paris, Disneyland and Amsterdam.

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Ita's Trip to Harry Potter World 12/12/2023
By Ita Comer

Ita's Trip to Harry Potter World

My kids are big Harry Potter fans, so we decided to take a trip to visit Harry Potter World in Watford. Every member of the family had an incredible time - there's something for everyone young & old here.

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