By Sheila Hendrick

A Resolution You Can Keep Us Time And All Inclusive Holidays


It’s January, and you have made your resolutions. Up there near the top of your list is that you are going to spend some more “us-time” with your other half. Even though the chances are that you have already broken some of your not drinking/healthy eating/exercise daily resolutions (25% of people give up on their resolutions after just one week!), spending more time with your loved one is something that you CAN keep. A great way of making sure that you stick to this resolution is by making a plan and sticking to it. So why not book a holiday so you can indulge is some precious “us-time”? That way, there are no excuses!

Here at Abbey Travel, we can help you book the perfect luxury holiday. We are delighted to share a few tips with you on choosing the perfect destination.



Go All Inclusive


When it comes to really enjoyable and care-free holidays for adults, we cannot recommend the all-inclusive option enough. All-inclusive holidays have the advantages of the following:

• Flights and priority transfers
• 23kg luggage allowance
• Drinks with your meals
• Great entertainment
• A choice of great restaurants to eat in (all paid for, or an allowance for others)
• Spas
• Trips/activities during your holidays

Going all-inclusive means that you will not need to think too much about money while you are on holidays as you will have already paid for most of your meals, drinks and activities before departure. Happy days!



Choose An Appropriate Holiday


Usually, when couples come to book all-inclusive adult holidays with us, we direct them to two options.

Sensatori Resorts

Our first suggestion is to go on a Sensatori Resorts. Tenerife, Crete and Sharm El Sheikh are all firm favourites. These destinations allow you to bask in the sun beside spectacular pools and white beaches, indulge in 5 star properties, enjoy exquisite spa experiences, and experience the finest in gourmet dining. There is also a range of activities to choose from depending on what you are looking for: relaxation, indulgence or adventure (there is a play option also – just in case you REALLY cannot go on holidays without the kids!). Activities range from things like yoga to West End-style shows to Mojito Bars to diving…and everything in between.

Specific Adult-Only Holidays

Unlike the Sensatori Resorts, these holidays offer an exclusive child-free environment. Destinations include Majorca, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Costa Del Sol, Algarve, Turkey, and Crete. These holidays offer 4 and 5 star contemporary accommodation which is characterised by chic design.

From white beaches and upmarket bars to top class entertainment and ultimate relaxation…all without those kids running around, crying babies or unruly children splashing water in your face.

These destinations are big hits with honeymooners, couples in their mid-thirties+, as well as retired couples.



Book The Babysitter


So you have decided that you are going on holidays with JUST your other half. Now all you have to do is draft in that delegated (ahem…lucky) babysitter. Grandparents, aunties, uncles, and best friends are always a good choice…just saying!



We hope you are! It’s a great resolution to make and keep!

If you want to go on an All Inclusive holiday, why not get in touch with us today?

Toni, our all-inclusive holiday expert, will help you chose the perfect destination for your holiday. Get in touch with her today on 01 804 7118 or book one of our Luxury Sun Holidays here.


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