Irene's trip to Egypt

By Irene Onorati

Irenes Trip To Egypt Macro


Cairo is such a beautiful city with historic and ancient vibes and it is the first stop through Egypt, and it is worth staying in Cairo at least 4 nights to admire and appreciate this city and have time to visit all its beauties. Full of archaeological sites and magical vibes you will enjoy this city. Also, we visit for 2 nights Sharm-el-Sheikh an amazing paradise for who loves sun, sea, beach, diving, and scuba! It is perfect for a relax holiday or for sea activities.

What I Loved

Egypt is a magical place. I loved the Museums and the pyramids – definitely I would come back also to see other part of Egypt as the Valley of the Kings.

Activities & Places to See

  • Giza Pyramids and Sphinx: Ancient world icons and main tourist attractions in Cairo.
  • Egyptian Museum: Home to Tutankhamun's gold mask and a vast collection of old Egyptian statues and artifacts.
  • National Museum of Egyptian Civilizations (NMEC): Houses royal mummies and pharaonic riches, providing a deeper understanding of Egypt's rich history.


When you're in Cairo, you gotta check out Khan el-Khalili, the big market. They've got everything there - perfume, old stuff, cool dresses, shoes, shiny metal lampshades, and even locally made fabrics. It's a real vibe with loads of things to see and buy

Food & Bars

Make sure to hit up Zamalek when you're in Cairo. It's a cool district with loads of nice restaurants and art galleries to check out. And, yo, don't sleep on the boat dinner – it's a must-do. The vibes in Zamalek are just right for a chill time with good food and some art vibes.


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